Op-Ed Articles

Auteur: Benita Kayembe | Étudiante diplômée en Santé Mondiale et Population, Université de Harvard 

Là d'où je viens, il est courant d'entendre parler d'éruptions deguerres civiles, probablement provoquées pour protéger les intérêts économiquesde communautés non locales. Je parle de la République démocratique du Congo,l'un des pays les plus riches en ressources de la planète.

Opinion By: Benita Kayembe

White people invented money; it has value for them. So, if they are giving it to us in exchange for our land, it means that our land is more valuable than their money. This is a quote from a Malian elder in Land Rush that made me reflect on the importance, or rather, the non-importance of development projects in Africa.

Opinion By: Alois Philip Muia Ngolu

I love the 2010 Kenyan constitution despite its few shortcomings. If properly implemented, it can be the vehicle to “save” Kenya. As an ardent socialist, it is my view that popular conferences (county assemblies) can achieve popular democracy.

Opinion By: Slobodan Popovic

Achieving the goals of the Two Centenary and making the “China Dream” almost a reality, China is assuming the position of the representative of both the developing and developed world, that is, the South and North. This kind of Chinese foreign policy behaviour could be analysed as the Chinese ambition to take advantage of both the South and North and to make itself as the bridge between those two spheres.

Avis de: Paul Jeangille

L'agriculture numérique peut-elle réussir à développer le secteur agricole en Afrique? Je discutais ce matin avec un jeune cadre commercial ivoirien qui avait assisté à une conférence des femmes influentes. Nombre d'entre elles s'investissent dans le secteur agricole, ce qui est une bonne chose. Mais ce qui m'a fait tiquer, c'est cette mode du numérique, présenté comme la panacée qui va sauver le secteur agricole et enfin lancer son développement.

Opinion By: Paul Jeangille

Can digital agriculture succeed in developing the agricultural sector in Africa? I was discussing this morning with a young Ivorian business executive who had attended a conference of influential African women. Many of them are investing in the agricultural sector, which is a good thing. But what made me tick is this digital mode, presented as a panacea which would save the agricultural sector and finally launch its development.

Opinion By: Benita Kayembe

Where I am from, it is typical to hear about outbreaks of civil war, probably provoked to secure the economic interests of non-local communities. I am talking about the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the most resource-rich countries on earth. There, mines are depleted to secure the economic welfare of economically advanced nations.